Utilizing a unique method of cleaning, you will have no worries about, fading, shrinking, or

damage to your draperies.  Your draperies, will be cleaner. You will enjoy that look you had in

the past once again.
I dry clean draperies "on-site" without removing them from
the window. We guarantee no shrinkage, damage or loss of
sizing, resins or flame retardant.
Taking down draperies to have them cleaned
presents many problems
Removing the Draperies:

If you choose a regular clothing dry cleaner to

clean your draperies. You will probably have to take

them down, remove the drapery pins, and take

them to the cleaner yourself. This may present

problems you are unaware of.
Here are a few of the things to consider

Just handling weak draperies is a problem. The more that draperies

are handled the more chance that they will get wrinkled and the more

tumbling and pressing that they will have to go through. In fact some

draperies are so weak that they must actually be cleaned by hand

instead of in the big solvent machines. If you experience problems

along the way and need help or maybe a suggestion just call us.

An experienced drapery cleaner can test the fabrics for weakness and

knows exactly how to clean them safely.

Remember, just because the draperies are old or might even be weak,

your draperies can very probably be cleaned safely if the cleaner

knows they are weak and will take the time and effort to keep from

damaging them
Servicing Houston TX and
surrounding areas                          
I'm James Bain, a  
certified by
the IICRC. The
IICRC  sets the
standards for the entire
industry in the areas of
inspection, cleaning,
disaster restoration
and certification.

My standards are high.
You will always receive
only my best.
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service performed by us. If a problem
comes up
call 832-877-5502 and I will correct it
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